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Basketball - game played between two teams of five players each, the object being to throw a ball through an elevated basket on the opponent's side of a rectangular court. Players may move the ball by dribbling or passing with the hands.

Baseball - a team game with nine players on each side, played on a field with four bases connected to form a diamond. The object is to score runs by batting the ball and running round the bases
American football - a game played by two teams of 11 players on a rectangular field 100 yards long; teams try to get possession of the ball and advance it across the opponents goal line in a series of (running or passing) plays
Soccer - game played on a rectangular field with net goals at either end in which two teams of 11 players each try to drive a ball into the other's goal by kicking, heading, or using any part of the body except the arms and hands. The goalie is the only player who may touch or move the ball with the arms or hands.
Softball is a variant of baseball played with a larger ball on a smaller field. It was invented in 1887 in Chicago as an indoor game. It was at various times called indoor baseball, mush ball, playground, softbund ball, kitten ball, and, because it was also played by women, ladies' baseball. The name softball was given to the game in 1926. A tournament (1933) at the Chicago World's Fair spurred interest in the game.
Evans County Parks & Recreation
Athletics Department




Mission Statement !


  • Building Character Through Excellence



  • To establish an environment where our young citizens can achieve life's success.

  • To develop our young citizens with personal integrity, to have respect for all others and to achieve athletic excellence.
  • To develop both athletic and social skills that will continue through a commitment of class in the development of well-rounded and informed young citizens who will develop values that can be used throughout their adult life.




  • To have our young citizens  become  competitive leaders in the Evans County Parks & Recreation Athletics while consistently providing  them with the opportunity for Regional and National competition.

  • To provide our young citizens with a feeling of pride and accomplishment to  the Evans County Parks & Recreation Athletics, to their Family and Community.





For Our Athletics Programs!

  • Physical Benefits
  • Increased strength and stamina

  • Better body shape increased agility
  • They help burn calories and shed those extra pounds
  • They give the body a good exercise
  • Psychological Benefits
  • They encourage you to give your best every time
  • They help build your planning and analytical skills and increase concentration
  • Sports boost confidence
  • They build leadership and team skills





Bigger Picture

  • Achieve social integration

  • Lead to infrastructural developments
  • Create employment opportunities
  • Boost the tourism industry
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